eSip Baskets

Make the best of the unpredictable market conditions by adopting a disciplined investment strategy. 



  • Minimize volatility risk – Helps ride the market ups and downs by making volatility a friend.
  • Lower Risk –optimise profitability and lower drawdowns.
  • Easy on the Pocket – select investment amount as per convenience.
  • Market timing – eliminate risk of sudden sharp market movements.
  • Diversification – portfolio diversification benefit by investing systematically.
  • Harness the power of Cost Averaging and Compounding – lower average costs allowing cushion against market downturns by staying invested across the market cycle.

eSIP is less intimidating than investing in stocks directly. It simplifies equity investment and allows you the flexibility to invest in any market cycle. A regular investment into eSIP basket will help the investor to meet his primary, secondary as well as aspirational goals over time.

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