Investor Charter

Investor Complain Data as on 30-06-2024
Sr.Received FromCarried forward from previous monthReceived during the monthTotal PendingResolvedPending for less than 3 months Pending for more than 3 months Average Resolution time (in days) (working days)
1Directly from Investors NilNilNilNilNilNilNil
2SEBI (SCORE S) NilNilNilNilNilNilNil
3Stock ExchangesNilNilNilNilNilNilNil
4Other Sources (If any) NilNilNilNilNilNilNil
Grand TotalNilNilNilNilNilNilNil
Monthly Trend for FY 2023 – 24
SNMonthCarried forward from previous MonthReceived Resolved*
1April – 2023NilNilNil
2May – 2023NilNilNil
3June – 2023NilNilNil
4July – 2023NilNilNil
5August - 2023NilNilNil
6September - 2023NilNilNil
7October - 2023NilNilNil
8November – 2023NilNilNil
9December – 2023NilNilNil
10January – 2024NilNilNil
11February – 2024NilNilNil
12March – 2024NilNilNil
13April – 2024NilNilNil
14May – 2024NilNilNil
15June – 2024Nil11
Grand TotalNil11
Yearly Trend for last five Financial Years
SNYearCarried forward from previous yearReceived during the yearResolved during the yearPending at the end of the year
12019 – 20NilNilNilNil
22020 – 21NilNilNilNil
32021 – 22NilNilNilNil
42022 – 23NilNilNilNil
52023 – 24NilNilNilNil
Grand TotalNilNilNilNil

Miscellaneous services : Transaction alerts through SMS, e-locker facilities, chatbots for instantaneously responding to investor queries etc. have also been developed.

e-CAS facility : Consolidated Account Statements are available online and could also be accessed through mobile app to facilitate the investors to view their holdings in demat form.

e-DIS / Demat Gateway :  Investors can give instructions for transfer of securities through e-DIS apart from physical DIS. Here, for on-market transfer of securities, investors need to provide settlement number along with the ISIN and quantity of securities being authorized for transfer. Client shall be required to authorize each e-DIS valid for a single settlement number / settlement date, by way of OTP and PIN/password, both generated at Depositories end. Necessary risk containment measures are being adopted by Depositories in this regard.

Online instructions for execution : Internet-enabled services like Speed-e (NSDL) & Easiest (CDSL) empower a demat account holder in managing his/her securities ‘anytime-anywhere’ in an efficient and convenient manner and submit instructions online without the need to use paper. These facilities allows Beneficial Owner (BO) to submit transfer instructions and pledge instructions including margin pledge from their demat account. The instruction facilities are also available on mobile applications through android, windows and IOS platforms.

E-account opening : Account opening through digital mode, popularly known as “On-line Account opening”, wherein investor intending to open the demat account can visit DP website, fill in the required information, submit the required documents, conduct video IPV and demat account gets opened without visiting DPs office.

Linkages with Clearing System :  for actual delivery of securities to the clearing system from the selling brokers and delivery of securities from the clearing system to the buying broker.

Transposition cum dematerialization : In case of transposition-cumdematerialisation, client can get securities dematerialised in the same account ifthe names appearing on the certificates match with the names in which the account has been opened but are in a different order. The same may be done
by submitting the security certificates along with the Transposition Form and Demat Request Form.

Basic Services Demat Account (BSDA) : The facility of BSDA with limited services for eligible individuals was introduced with the objective of achieving wider financial inclusion and to encourage holding of demat accounts. No Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) shall be levied, if the value of securities holding is upto Rs. 50,000. For value of holdings between Rs 50,001- 2,00,000, AMC not exceeding Rs 100 is chargeable. In case of debt securities, there are no AMC charges for holding value upto Rs 1,00,000 and a maximum of Rs 100 as AMC is chargeable for value of holdings between Rs 1,00,001 and Rs 2,00,000.